The only restaurant in London offering authentic kosher Shabbat meals

From sundown on Friday to sunset on Saturday, Tish will observe the Jewish Shabbat. Also known as the Sabbath or Shabbos, the word literally translates to “rest.”

For thousands of years, Jews have used this period as their day of rest and celebration, enjoying sumptuous meals with family and friends. In our modern times, it is also an opportunity to unplug from technology such as mobile phones and to disconnect for a brief time from the chaotic world in which we live.

Some of the best known Shabbat customs include the blessing over a special cup of wine and the breaking of the traditional “challah” bread.


Tish is usually open on Shabbat for luxurious prix fixe Friday night dinners and Saturday lunches. Reservations and advance payments are required as they cannot be made at the restaurant on Shabbat.

Once your Shabbat booking is confirmed you will receive a link to pre-order your menu selections, please read this carefully as options will not be able to be changed on the night.  Click here to access pre-order form if your link has not been received.

Please contact the restaurant directly if you would like to make a Friday night or Shabbat lunch booking that includes children.

  • Using the booking engine, select the number of diners, the date and time of your reservation
  • Fill out your personal details
  • Enter your card details for payment
  • You will receive an email confirming your booking
  • Please note that discretionary service and additional items consumed on the day will be automatically charged to your card after Shabbat.

Shabbat menus

(Menus are subject to change and availability)